Vijayakanth (விஐயகாந்த்) Welcomes U


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Vijayakanth and Friends
Vijayakanth with group
Karthik Suresh
Perumal Pc-Suresh
Prem Anand Sivasakthi
Suresh Prabhakaran
Ooty Train
The following photo was taken in Ooty when Vijayakanth and his friends went .
 (karthik - prabhakaran - vijayakanth)

About Karthik
Karthik is one of the four intelligent in India. He is doing registration, software marketing, V-Can product marketing and also working in Lawyer office.

About Prabhakaran
Prabhakaran is nalavan and vallavan. He is working as a System admin. He has  both hardware and software knowledge. He has 6 years experience in IT field.














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