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About Indpro company

Indpro logo

Indpro is Sweden based IT company located in Bangalore, India. IT outsourcing is main objective of this company. Head office is located in Sweden. Various business key activities like Client meeting, contract, Architectural design are done at the head office. Softwares are developed using several technologies .NET, PHP, Delphi, VB etc for various domains. Indpro is definitely different from others, this you can feel after completly reading this page.

Real weekend: I joined in Indpro company on jan 2007. I felt and feeling many good things from there, so I want to share with you here. When i came to interview they given presentation about the company and finaly they asked "Any one have query". I raised my hand and asked "What about weekends?". No more waiting, the answer comes as "It's holiday but in critical situation you may need to work". My important expectation matched. My lips shown smile after hearing the words. The said words are 100% true. Up to now all the weekends are holiday except critical solution. This real weekends allows me to go my native (Tirupur) every week to enjoy my home food, friends and culture.

Estimate yourself: Even more knowledged technical experts are in our office, they let us to plan(estimation) our work ourself. After that I have to work as per planning. This makes me to evaluate my skills myself. Also increas planning capacity, self responsibility and Leadership ability. So here Indpro makes me grow.   

Believing People: Our management believes employees can be compared to parents believing their childs. Even company having rights to ask Doctor certificates,  function invitations, etc They are not demanding to produce usually unless otherwise required for record keeping. Our project Manager Mr Tom said one time as "In Sweden we will believe people's profile what they given in a paper because they will give only what they have and are". Really it raises my eyebrow.

Bugs are fixable: In other field if you make mistake in your work then it is called fault, mistake or wrong but in Software developement it has different name and meaning. Why different meaning? Why exception? In other fields mostly the requirements are not changed until your work finished but here not like that. It can be changed at any time. Indpro knows this and allows us to fix. Thanks for understanding programmers. 

Firing and Hiring: If you are shit for our company then you will be fired from Indpro at the same time if you are fit then you will be hired

Growth: Since i joind day onwards, i am getting grown in many forms by this company. The growth includes happiness, wealth, technical and social behaviour.

The following pictures are me at our office.

vijayakanth at Indpro office 
vijayakanth with formal dress


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