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About Vijayakanth
       I am living in Tirupur. I am calling by others like Vijay, Viji or Vijaykanth. My mother tongue is Tamil. I am a doing computer programming. I have completed my B.Sc Computer Science from Parks's College at Tirupur in Tamil Nadu, India. I was working in Xpert Systems, Tirupur. Now I am working in Indpro Bangalore. I have completed my MCA (Master of Computer Applications) in  IGNOU university.

What are Vijayakanth hobbies?
Surfing net, watching TV and Talking

What I want to want to make?
Quality education and hospital without any fee.

What Vijayakanth like?
I like eating barota & fish, riding cycle, watching movie, Gounda Mani (Comedy actor),
actress Aishwaryarai (eighth world wonder) and Tom & Jerry etc.

What's Vijayakanth job?
I am doing software for various applications like Oil Production Management, Garment Production, Payroll Management , Medical Lab test, Transport service etc.

How many Vijayakanth / Vijaykanth ?
In India there are two vijayakanths. One is me (computer Vijayakanth) and another one is actor Vijayakanth.

Aishwaryarai knows Tamil, Is Vijayakanth know Hindi?
I am started to read Hindi, in future I will speak.

Say some films Vijayakanth likes?
anbe sivam, Vasool raja MBBS

What are the duties of living things?
Eating, for eating to fight with enemies and creating next generation. But human is different from other animals by means of making enemies themselves.

Which (book or food) is first?
Take a book and your favorite food and place them on a table. after one week look at them. The book would be without any changes but food? What this shows that you can read whenever you want but eating is not like that. So eat whenever you are hungry and read whenever you can.

 Will Vijayakanth come to Politics?
Off course, he will come to politics to serve people because politics is a best method to help people.

What Pinky says about life?
"life is a continuous process of living & learning, longing & losing with loving & laughing, filling gaps in between"

What Pinky's mother says about love?
In arrange marriage, boy and girl are talking just one or two days before getting marriage. How it will help to understand for each other. In love marriage both are talking and understand themselves very well. So love marriage is better.

Who is Angeline Diviya?
Angeline diviya was friend of Vijayakanth and called by him as Frog. Nowadays she is called like that even by others.

What Angeline Diviya ( Frog ) says about Vijayakanth?
Lots of definitions has come out from this world reg Friendship, no need to explain What a friendship mean but if u need to feel that true friendship, just be a friend of this guy Viji. He is not only an Example for friend, he is just a simple, loving Human being, a good son, a good grandson, a good brother, a good tutor and much more for many.

What are the four intelligent in India?
1. G.D. Naidu
2. Goundamani
3. Shekar (Puli)
4. Karthik (Autokaran)

Note: Don't expect grammar from this site because both questions and
answers are from Vijayakanth.

  Latest News

20, Nov, 20008 Got gift from Client.

18, March 2006
Discussed about ahmedabad city.

1, April 2006 Installed Linux

Vijayakanth's favorite actress Aishwarya rai is Miss World 1994 and eighth world wonder.
Goundamani is a famous Tamil comedy film actor. His real name was Mani.
Fish is a kind of animal that lives in the water and it is my favorite food.
Vijayakanth like riding cycle. It is a pollution less vehicle.
Tom and Jerry was a series of theatrical cartoons produced by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM).
Frog is used to tell a good story. Two frogs are well (water inside) frog and good frog.



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